teaching + writing

Whether I am teaching literature, principles of writing, or English as a Second Language, my courses are guided by a multidisciplinary cultural studies approach that incorporates student-centered, critical inquiry-based methods.

Over the past six years of teaching in a variety of contexts and at a range of levels, experience has taught me that becoming a good writer requires sharp reading and critical thinking skills. I view the classroom as an inclusive site where analytic thinking, reading, and writing skills develop together. The classroom is also a point of intervention—a symbolic space where we begin to perceive words and ideas not as passive signifiers but as terministic screens through which historical, political, and sociocultural realities are constructed.

From 2009-2011, I served as an ELS instructor to children and young adults in Istanbul, Turkey. In 2013, I taught ELS to adults at American Cultural Language School in Istanbul. I have been teaching literature, composition, and professional writing at the University of Missouri since 2015. Since 2019, I have also been working as a writing consultant at the University of Missouri-Writing Center.

As a writer, researcher, instructor, and a writing consultant, I emphasize writing as a process intimately linked to revision, “reseeing,” and “rethinking,” and that all revision must start with the “bone-muscle-skin” approach in Peter Elbow’s phrase.

Recently, I’ve become interested in the idea of mindful writing, which I believe has helped me finish my dissertation. I look forward to exploring mindful writing and other writing techniques in this blog.

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