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How to Become a Better Writer: 10 Yoga Practices for Writers

As a writing instructor, too, I have been using one of the most instructive tenets of yoga, “finding freedom within the form,” as a way to teach my students how to find their voices as writers while composing formulaic papers. Not surprisingly then, I do believe that practicing yoga can help us become better writers who are mindful of intentions, goals, choices, as well as the writing process.

‘Home is not a place to return to’: An I-Novel by Minae Mizumura | Japan

Minae is able to move beyond all the ideologies, illusions, and the pressure to belong, which, after twenty-years liberates her. The original version of An I-Novel, published in 1995, mixes Japanese and English seamlessly, creating a literary work that reflects its narrator’s desire to find her true self. Like the novel we hold in our hands, Minae is audacious and multifaceted, and she does not fit into a box.