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Neriman K., PhD

I'm a researcher, writer, teacher, and a comparatist--one who truly believes that discourse precedes action. I read and write to make meaning of the world I live in-- to explore what it means to live a meaningful life. On 'Reading Under the Olive Tree,' I write about what I read: all the books that are helping me shift my perception about a meaningful life, home, identity and what it means to belong. I write to bridge the gap between theory and popular discourse and to offer insight into the powerful connection between fiction and truth.

Monthly Wrap-Up | July 2020

As a professional who reads and writes for a living, not sticking with my reading goals used to bother me. A lot. Sort of like leaving a book unread or not finishing a book, you know? I’m sure you know (especially if you’re a bookworm). But as I transition into my new life, I’m learning to find joy in leaving a book unfinished.